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Streak holds at eight with Thor on the  wet mound,
Ready to throw and hold onto their ground.
In this clash, though, can’t hold, he yields early,
Giants rally, get three, fans left surly.
Bats stay slow, soaked, cannot, will not swing free,
Streak dies there with barely wimper to see.


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deGrom v Cain could once have been marquee,
Jake top of his game, but Matt’s youth in flee.
Mets quick to post up a quick four to start,
Giants respond; rally; gloves falls apart.
Then bats come back and let the long balls fly,
Bullpen gives scare, then holds off the late try.

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Giants arrive tall at Citi Field’s gate,
A clash against a force; hope to abate.
Holding on, sail through two; hopes still ride high,
A storm erupts in three, runs fall from sky.
Twelve come around as Mets show no mercy,
Giants sink fast under orange/blue sea.

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