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These ole’ Padres where tough, gave us a scare,
They fought us through; play at the plate, not fair.
Battled back still, refused to just give up,
Loaded bases, no outs, win looked setup.
Denied. Lights out closer nailed down the game,
First place! Lets hope, season’s end still the same.


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Oh, Big Sexy, how your legend still grows,
What can’t you do, no one really still knows.
You mow them down with that ageless right arm,
This team and this city adore your charm.
Now look at what you have gone and now done!
A long home run? This is just too much fun.

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Recents struggles still show, bats have no kick,
Pitchers have our batters hitting a brick.
Thor shoulda, woulda, coulda have won game,
If this lineup was not floating in shame.

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Epic quest rides towards the setting sun side,
Hoping to keep recent losses in stride.
deGrom, the ace, should be no match for Pods,
Their man makes Mets t-ball players vs gods.

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geeRousing return, solid start, good guy Gee,

Loss aside, your health we’re happy to see.

Silent bats bail, shrouded in spring time sun ,

Fail to raise up Dillon’s newly fixed gun.

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citiappleInto the night, the big hits soar and fly,

Citi faithful watch the Apple raised high.

Questions mark this team this season, this year,

With Ike, Lucas and Matt, future isn’t fear.

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wrightSummer’s return across Citi’s green face,

Giving the long Winter a blue skied chase.

Hard play team takes the field, modest in hope,

With our Captain leading, they’ll climb that slope.

Veteran new Ace Jon Niese perfect in role,

Cowgill slammed his debut, the day he stole.

Familiar ground, day one sitting in first,

It is this spot at end of last day, we thirst.

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