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matzRocking Cleveland, re-found sticks stay awake,
Two weeks in and the first series they take.
The kids lead on; Michael with his big bat,
And Matz back up from press declared death mat.
The boys prevail, stronger life signs now grow,
They are a team where teams starting to flow.


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crosswrightSlow start offense maintains its nice strong rise,
Now the Dark Knight captures worried red eyes.
For four innings the Tribe shut down, shut off,
Without warning, Harvey treated with scoff.
Savior of our Gotham is M.I.A.,
Faithful hold their breath, wait again for his next day.

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42Good day, good day, offence has now come back!
Good day, good day, homers in a nice stack!
Four times, these Mets, they sent it ‘bove the walls,
With hope we hope this ends the spring bat stalls.
Nervous ninth gives us all very big scare,
Then game is nailed down with Jeurys in there!

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