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walkoffThe loss circled Citi on a blue broom,

Certain to bring on some Father’s day gloom.

Rally from the fire, Mets show some fight,

A win walks off on a big boom to right.


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beerThere are 99 games left to play,

There are 99 games after today.

Time to grab some beer and pass it around,

To get through these 99 games okay.

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warningtrack‘Nother game I am left shaking my head,

I love this team, but these games I now dread.

This time, again, it was Shaun’s turn to fail,

Five run hole too deep for this team to bail.

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geeV. Cubs, Dillon Gee, looks to get on track,

Solid, he starts, then in fifth he falls back.

Surprise, Mets draw even with rare rally,

Boys add rarer series win to tally.

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AP Photo

AP Photo

Short of new things to write about whats wrong.

Staff lets games get where bats just can’t belong,

Pen has stepped up, but not when it matters,

Not when others fear not our batters.

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harveyswingTwo days, two wins, let the bubbly break out.

Matt rough to start, settles in, turns on drought.

Seventh swing brings around run, then the win.

Harvey does it all, we need to clone him.

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Not with a bang but a whimper, first half ends.

Hopes and expectations the team transcends,

Yet you hate to take lost series to break,

And wait four days to relieve the heartache.

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