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AP Photo

AP Photo

Hefner allows homer in first, two runs,

Then brings down the hammer and show his guns.

Rally bats get runs back, Kirk’s big hit ties.

Extras; Bucs bring it home, get the prize.


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AP Photo

AP Photo

Somehow, somewhere, Mets pen became lights out,

Holding games close as bats make the fans shout.

Latest conquest was nine scoreless, no break,

Waiting for the sleeping bats to awake.


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highfiveHefner lights out with free fall ERA,

Bats are not bad either, but will they stay?

Seven seventh puts this rain game on ice,

Oh, yeah, having solid pen sure is nice.

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batballTurner terror was turned around, for now,

Past place for Mets mis’ry, future shows wow.

Our young pitchers step up, bullpen held tight.

Now if we could get the lineup more Wright…

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Matt Harvey

AP Photo

Scary eighth can’t mask brilliance of Harvey,

One hit, thirteen K’s before Braves get three.

Bullpen shaky before they get the fix,

Finally our ace gets win and gets to six.

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Getty Images

Getty Images

Wasted effort by Matt Harvey, again,

These damn “hitters” look like more boys then men.

Marlins have our number this year, so sad.

Twenty two men left on base makes me mad.

Extra innings: bullpen, Marcum superb,

Both with focus the Fish couldn’t disturb.

But, yes, rarely does one run get a win,

Twenty inning display: baseball Mets sin.

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USA Today

USA Today

Good news: Hefner solid, superb again,

Bad news: lowly Mets bats give him no zen.

Good news: Omar is a breath of fresh air,

Bad news: Bobby awful, giving up pair.

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