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‘Nother day with the Braves; can bats bounce back?
First place in site; will stay on the Nats track?
Home run bats boom again, early runs flow,
As Matz again puts on wicked new show.


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Slip, trip and a hard fall again; Mets lose.
Once hot bats now nap, sleep, slumber and snooze.
Beat up Harvey again trips in five, six,
Does not matter if near no-no on sticks.

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The Old Man set to battle on vs Braves,
The Big Sexy, battles vs time clock waves.
Big bats come out swinging, fences are found,
Nature freak throws un real blanks from the mound.
Epic quest rolls on now, after misstep,
Wonder if this is all a dream end prep.

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matzMets send Matz to mound to hold the Braves,
With their big bad bats still making big waves.
Steven is strong, strikes out 8 in 6 plus,
As the offense slowly makes a small fuss.
Homers fly in 9th and blow wide the game,
Mets stay focused and firm, first place their aim.

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Grandy!Into Turner the quest, with bats, arrives,
Once a place of doom, now how this team thrives.
Grandy comes to bat with Mets on bags jammed,
Runs the count up before the ball gets slammed.
Adds a solo later, his bat is back!
Harvey gets win, though still showing some slack.

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batballTurner terror was turned around, for now,

Past place for Mets mis’ry, future shows wow.

Our young pitchers step up, bullpen held tight.

Now if we could get the lineup more Wright…

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38Marcum’s solid start trashed by Braves in four,

But Mets rally, tie it, hope to hold door.

Marcum’s struggles carry over to five,

Bats can’t answer, but pen keeps them alive.

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