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Davis walkoff gives us two in a row!

Break out ticker tape, to Broadway we go!

Brilliant game, Hefner, bats should have done more.

Ike saves the weekend, now time to get more.


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Sweet sixteen for Dickey, Mets dump Astros.
Turner homer avoids seven straight lows.
RA gets a ribbie to help his cause,
In a horrid half he’s a welcome pause.

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Wright pounds his 200th homer in loss,

But somehow ‘Stros show the rest who is boss.

Now that’s seven straight with two runs or less,

Against NL’s worst staffs, hurts to confess.

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Who knew that we might miss Pelfrey this bad?
Filling his shoes not working for this lad.
Low run offense just not given a chance.
Who knew in Houston wrong side of  broom dance?

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Homer happy Astros turn on the torch.
Niese leaves with loss after three inning scorch.
Mets show some signs of life and score a few.
Cannot catch up, was over after two.

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For five Dickey gives a no-no a try.
Late inning rally, brings hope and a tie.
But no, infield hit and a single in eight,
Turns bad a game that started out so great

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