Into Citi returns battered young team;
Epic foe to follow; Need back the steam!
No no-no now vs Max, Grandy makes sure!
Michael catches his own; Bat starts to stir.
Mighty Thor needs no more; 10 k’s to stats;
Simply awesome as he squashes the Nats;


deGrom on mound; he’s out to stop the bleed,
Trying to lift his team in house of weed.
But this offense hardly can make a peep;
Epic quest suffers a mountain high sweep.

Robbed in Rockies! Mets burned by phantom tip;
Not what you need when bats still in a dip.
Battle back from the hole; bullpen gets stop;
But not enough as they let this one drop.

Into the Rockies our heroes now go,
With our Harvey to start; Put on a show!
Quick from the gate, the team looks to coast,
Matt still not the Dark Knight: offense a ghost

Colon hit hard, lets up five in first two,
Settles down, works hard, lets no more get through.
Kershaw just too much on this LA night,
Mets leave town with a split in this year’s fight.

Thor trades hammer for bat, brings it down twice.
To this team, from this mound, he’s not so nice.
Scary stronger this god-child gets each game,
Stamping onto baseball his great Norse name.

lahomerAfter first two it looked to be long night,
Each with a deuce, surely pitchers sad plight.
But both fight back, settle in and stay strong,
As both sets of sticks swing sadly all wrong.
On the verge of extras, both stuck at two,
Pinch hit homer, a new villain breaks through.

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