Into DC, showdown with an old foe,
Colon on the mound to start this weeks show.
Duda is out, Mets look to find power,
Good start as they find a home run shower.
Old Man holds down the NL East top team,
Heroes breeze through, picking up some new steam.

You just cannot, will not beat Thor these days,
Try all you want, you will be in a haze.
Brew Crew no chance, thunder again rains down,
He takes his hammer, sweeps them out of town.

Down three, heroes rally back fast, all tied,
Last frame, three on, Captain takes his own stride.
Hitting away, around goes his quick bat,
Base hit! Run scores! David is still all that!

Game 41: Matz Again

Into town comes midwest flavor, the Crew,
As the hometown looks for a winning brew.
The kid is strong again, he is on fire,
Pulls up the Mets after start that was dire.

Game 40: Heartache

harveydoneFaithful hearts can bear early loss to Nats,
Faithful hearts can bear our slowed down big bats,
Faithful hearts can bear gloves that sometimes flake,
But what the faithful hearts can not now take?
Harvey just not Harvey in a big game.
Hearts hurt, fear he will never be the same.

Game 39: No Offense

One run in the long run, will not do it.
Offense needs to wake up and get a hit.
Pitchers cannot be all perfect, shutout.
Not good for this team in this new Nat’s rout.

Into Citi returns battered young team;
Epic foe to follow; Need back the steam!
No no-no now vs Max, Grandy makes sure!
Michael catches his own; Bat starts to stir.
Mighty Thor needs no more; 10 k’s to stats;
Simply awesome as he squashes the Nats;

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